1 in unison
a) if people speak in unison, they say the same words at the same time: “No way!” the twins replied in unison.
b) if two groups, governments etc do something in unison they do it together because they agree with each other: Management and workers must act in unison to compete with foreign business.
2 (C) a way of singing or playing music in which everyone plays or sings the same tune
unit /'ju:nit/ noun (C)
1 PART a thing, person or group that is regarded as one single whole part of something larger: The family is the smallest social unit.
2 GROUP a group of people working together as part of the structure of a larger group, organization, company etc: She works in the emergency unit at the hospital.
3 FOR MEASURING an amount or quantity of something used as a standard of measurement
(+ of): The dollar is the basic unit of currency in the US. | The patient was given 2 units of blood.
4 FURNITURE a piece of furniture such as a cupboard, especially one that can be fitted to others of the same type: kitchen/office/storage unit (=a unit designed for the kitchen etc)
5 PART OF A MACHINE a piece of machinery which is part of a larger machine: control/filter/cooling unit: The cooling unit must be replaced.
6 PART OF A BOOK one of the numbered parts into which a textbook (=a book used in schools) is divided
7 PRODUCT technical a single complete product made by a company: The factory's output is now up to 150,000 units each month.
8 SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY AmE an amount of work that a student needs to do in a particular course
9 APARTMENT AmE a single apartment in a larger building
a) technical the smallest whole number; the number 1
b) any whole number less than ten: hundreds, tens, and units

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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